Skull Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

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      City: Phoenix
      State: Arizona
Skull Butterfly Thigh Tattoo
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Skull Butterfly Thigh Tattoo
Skull Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

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Skull Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

Tattoo Description:

Large skull butterfly tattoo on right thigh. The skull is in black in and showing a hole in the forehead. The 7 of the 8 butterflies are all black and white and one butterfly is like a brown / burnt orange color. This would most likely be considered a “black and white” tattoo as most of it is done in that fashion with the exception of one large butterfly.

    Tattoo Size: 9 by 5 inches
    Tattoo Color: Black, Brown,
    Tattoo Design Details: Large Tattoo,Black and White Tattoo,Skull Tattoo,Death Tattoo,Tattoo for Girls-Women,Butterfly Tattoo

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