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Listings tagged with 'Sleeve Tattoo' (5)

Red Dragon Arm Sleeve Tattoo

Red Dragon Arm Sleeve Tattoo

Red dragon arm sleeve tattoo on the right arm. Asian style tattoo. With a large red dragon and dark waters. Large waves splashing throughout the […]

Skeleton Skull Biomechanical Shoulder Tattoo

Skeleton Skull Biomechanical Shoulder Tattoo

Skeleton and skull bio-mechanical tattoo sleeve style covering entire left shoulder and part of the upper arm. Done in a mechanical style with cable like […]

Radiation Symbol Bio-Mechanical Shoulder Tattoo 3D

Radiation Symbol Bio-Mechanical Sleeve Shoulder Tattoo 3D

3D bio-mechanical tattoo with a radiation symbol. Ripped and ripping skin tattoo with stitches at the bottom. This is a sleeve like tattoo covering the […]

Leopard Shoulder Tattoo

Leopard Shoulder Sleeve Tattoo

Large leopard sleeve tattoo on right shoulder. black, gray and white ink used on the leopard tattoo with red and black background.

Dragon Shoulder Tattoo

Dragon Shoulder Asian Japanese Sleeve Tattoo

Green dragon tattoo on a black background left shoulder sleeve tattoo. Its a pretty dark piece so a lot of black ink went into this […]

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