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Reviews and Ratings of Stomach Abdomen Tattoo (42)

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Red Butterfly Abdomen Tattoo

Red Butterfly Stomach Abdomen Tattoo

Small red butterfly tattoo on Stomach, left side of lower abdomen just above the crotch pubic area. This is a side view of the butterfly, […]

Black and White Roses Flower Abdomen Tattoo

Black and White Roses Flower Stomach Abdomen Tattoo

Large black and white roses abdomen Stomach tattoo on right side. The three rose flowers are all on one stem. The black rose tattoo stars […]

Red Flowers on Vine Abdomen Tattoo

Red Cherry Blossom Flowers on Vine Stomach Abdomen Tattoo

Three small flowers tattoo in red and magenta. There are Cherry Blossom flowers on brown vine or branch. The cherry blossom tattoo is on the […]

Lillie Flower Abdomen Tattoo

Water Lily Lotus Flower Stomach Abdomen Tattoo

Large water lily lotus tattoo on the left side of stomach – abdomen area. Black and white background. The lily lotus flower is done in […]

Red Flower Abdomen Tattoo

Red Lily Flower Stomach Abdomen Tattoo

Small red Lily flower tattoo on stomach, the lower abdominal area. with several small green leaves on each side.

Flower Vines Abdomen Tattoo

Hawaiian Flower Vines Stomach Abdomen Tattoo

Hawaiian Flower tattoo on stomach in all gray black and white subtle ink color. Tattoo is on the lower right side of abdomen. Tattoo of […]

Red Rose Flower Abdomen Tattoo

Red Rose Flower Stomach Abdomen Tattoo

  very small red rose flower stomach tattoo on the lower abdomen crotch pubic area. No stem, just the rose flower by itself in red.

3D Red Flower Abdomen Tattoo

3D Red Rose Flower Stomach Abdomen Tattoo

  Small 3D rose flower tattoo on stomach, located on right side of lower abdomen pubic crotch area. The rose tattoo shows flower in red […]

Red Flower Abdomen Tattoo

Red Flower Lower Stomach Abdomen Tattoo

  small light red almost salmon like a color flower tattoo on stomach, on the right side of the abdomen with green leaves surrounding it […]

Lizard Hip Tattoo

Lizard Hip Stomach Abdomen Tattoo

  small lizard tattoo on the left hip toward the stomach lower abdomen area. Its all done in black ink with a decorative tribal type […]

Lizard Abdomen Tattoo

Small Black Lizard Hip Stomach Abdomen Tattoo

Very small black and white lizard tattoo on left side of stomach abdomen and hip area.

3D Scorpion Abdomen Tattoo

3D Scorpion Stomach Abdomen Tattoo

3D Scorpion tattoo on the left side of sotmach abdomen, most of it is in brown and white ink. the size of the scorpion tattoo […]

Vine Lower Abdomen Tattoo

Vine Stomach Lower Abdomen Tattoo

this is a very small vine tattoo on the left side of the stomach lower abdomen area,…toward the left hip area. The small vine has […]

Micky Mouse Abdomen Tattoo

Micky Mouse Stomach Abdomen Tattoo

Mickey mouse tattoo on the right side of the stomach abdomen area. The small Disney Mickey tattoo has mostly black and white along with some […]

Butterfly Abdomen Tattoo

Butterfly Stomach Abdomen Tattoo

Cute small colorful butterfly tattoo on right side of stomach, toward the lower abdomen section.

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